Benefits of the program I’mO

Benefits of the program I’mO
I'mO is an educational program. It's goal is easier and faster learning. Because everyone's brain (whether we are gifted or integrated) will explain the same information in their way.

Online game I'mO excellently helps children of elementary schools and kindergartens. They acquire habits for independent and effective learning. They practice techniques such as reading and listening comprehension, creation, and deduction. They significantly improve concentration, imagination, spatial vision, communication, and creativity. They work better with memory, associations, and different types of information in each subject. They can derive more and react faster. Just 5 minutes a day (Warm-up before learning or homework).
Why will children perceive learning differently? Watch the video: For everyone (learning and behavioral disorders - ImO)!

Children with learning and behavioural disorders (such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dysortography, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's syndrome) also have excellent results, as well as socially disadvantaged children. Therefore, the program is also used by experts in the CPPPaP (Centres for Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling and Prevention).

Our vision: Utilization of the I'mO program in 40% of elementary schools and kindergartens.
Know thyself and you’ll know the whole world! (Socrates)

Origin of I'mO

or How it all began.

Origin of I'mO

I have tutored at high school. I enjoyed adapting the explanation of the curriculum to different people. Probably I will not surprise you that I became a teacher. In those decades I have met many people with different learning disabilities. At the same time, they were skilled and intelligent people. Try to imagine reading an article and not knowing what you read about. You can't concentrate and you need more time for everything. I was wondering how to help them. I found a way to improve their memory. As they realize the meaning of words, they will understand and remember them. Students' improvement came almost immediately.

One day a good friend came to me. He had problems with communication and memory. How did it manifest? There were days when he couldn't speak fluently because he couldn't remember several words. As he travelled abroad, he urgently needed to speak in a foreign language. That's why he asked me for help. Based on my experience, I started working on learning techniques. Along with the methods used by top athletes, businessmen and managers, the training program I’mO was created.

Mgr. Katarína Adamcová
author of the program I’mO (I’m Original)

Don't learn and life will teach you!”      It taught us how to learn!"